Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Apache is probably the most popular Linux-based Web server application in use.Web sites both personal and commercial can be very rewarding exercises as they share your interests with the world and allow you to meet new people with whom to develop friendships or transact business.Unfortunately,even the best Web sites can be impersonal as they frequently only provide information that the designer expects the visitor to need. E-mail, although ancient in comparison to newer personalized interactive Internet technologies, such as IP telephony and instant messaging, has the advantage of being able to relay documents and other information without interrupting the addressee. This allows them to schedule a response when they are better prepared to answer, a valuable quality when replies need to be complex.

Video Contents :-

01. Introduction & Course Outline
02. Introduction To Apache
03. Installing Apache on Linux
04. Installing Apache on Windows
05. Configuring Apache on Linux
06. Managing Content on Apache Server
07. Configuring MySQL on Apache
08. Configuring PHP on Apache
09. Apache Web Server Admin
10. Security Testing Apache
11. Securing Apache
12. Best Practices to Running Apache




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