Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LinuxCBT RegEx Edition

LinuxCBT RegEx Edition focuses on the application of POSIX and Perl-compatible
Regular Expressions.

Regular Expressions are critical to efficiently parsing textual data (log file
content, data feeds, files & directories, etc.). RegEx support is included with
Linux | Unix operating systems via ubiquitous tools such as: grep, awk, sed, Perl,
PHP, etc., and provides systems administrator/engineers and developers alike, the
ability search, time-effectively, considerable amounts of textual data, using literals,
character classes, metacharacters, metasequences, etc.

Let LinuxCBT RegEx Edition cost-effectively teach you Regular Expressions!

Recommended Prerequisites for:

* Any LinuxCBT Operating System Course (Classic/EL-4/SUSE/Debian Editions)
o Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
o Basic understanding of networking concepts
o Access to a Linux system to follow the exercises

See the URL for all the rest of the information.



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