Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RedHat Linux Security and Optimization Study Guide

Red Hat Linux Security and Optimization is a reference for power-users and administrators covering all security issues, including Filesystems Security, Securing root accounts and Firewalls. Application performance benchmarking will also be covered. This book introduces you to many application-specific performance and benchmarking techniques and shows you how to tune your computer as well as your networks. This book covers all the primary Red Hat Linux Applications such as Apache Web Server, WuFTP, FTP server, BIND DNS server, Sendmail SMTP server and focuses on how to enhance security for each of them. It also shows you how to secure NFS and Samba Server, as well as the Apache Web Server.

Contents :-

Part I System Performance

Chapter 1 Performance Basics

Chapter 2 Kernel Tuning

Chapter 3 Filesystem Tuning

Part II Network and Service Performance

Chapter 4 Network Performance

Chapter 5 Web Server Performance

Chapter 6 E-Mail Server Performance

Chapter 7 NFS and Samba Server Performance

Part III System Security

Chapter 8 Kernel Security

Chapter 9 Securing Files and Filesystems

Chapter 10 PAM

Chapter 11 OpenSSL

Chapter 12 Shadow Passwords and OpenSSH

Chapter 13 Secure Remote Passwords

Chapter 14 xinetd

Part IV Network Service Security

Chapter 15 Web Server Security

Chapter 16 DNS Server Security

Chapter 17 E-Mail Server Security

Chapter 18 FTP Server Security

Chapter 19 Samba and NFS Server Security

Part V Firewalls

Chapter 20 Firewalls, VPNs, and SSL Tunnels

Chapter 21 Firewall Security Tools

Appendix A IP Network Address Classification

Appendix B Common Linux Commands

Appendix C Internet Resources

Appendix D Dealing with Compromised Systems

Appendix E What’s On the CD-ROM




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