Monday, October 26, 2009

lesson03(Part01): Linux Basics

Logging In to a Linux System

To gain access to a system, you are required to go through the authentication process, which is most commonly used to authenticate a user. To gain authentication, you must enter a valid user name and password at the login prompt.
When logging in at the system console, you are presented with either a text-based or graphical login (display manager).

If you are in run level 3 as in the below image:

If you are in run level 5 as in the below image:

After logging process, you will be access the Linux command line(runlevel 3 #init 3) as depicts in the below image :

and the below image in GUI mode X11 run level ( runlevel 5 #init 5)

Lesson03 : Linux Basics Continued


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