Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lesson02:Linux Distributions and Linux Essentials

Red Hat Distributions

Linux distributions are operating systems based on the Linux kernel.
Two important Red Hat distributions are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Fedora Project, described below.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux comprises very thoroughly tested software and is stable. It has professional support services and centralized management tools for large networks.

The Fedora Project comprises newer, bleeding-edge applications and technologies. It is supported by the community and has no formal Red Hat support. Fedora is mainly targeted to personal systems.

The Fedora Project is a collection of community-supported open source projects that is sponsored by Red Hat. Its purpose is to encourage rapid progress of free and open source software. The product is called Fedora and it is designed to be an incubator and test bed for new technologies that may be used in later Red Hat Enterprise products.


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