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HP EVA P6500 Management System

HP EVA P6500 Management System

SAN Topology Overview
Basically the SAN network consists of group of objects that interact with each other to build the Storage Array Network. These objects LAN connectivity, SAN switches, Management Server, Host Servers and Storage array. 

In the technology of HP EVA storage the management module came in two different technique:-

1-Array Based Management (ABM).
2- Server-based Storage Management (SBM).


For the first one the module lays above the 2 storage processor controller A & B. This module has ethernet port with static IP address that used for connectivity .The module contains pre-installed management software called Command View CV HP P6000 Command View Software. You can access management GUI Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) Flash based by IP address of the module and corresponding port depending on what you will need port 2374 (HP P6000 Control Panel) & 2373(HP P6000 Control) for storage configurations.

HP P6000 Control Panel

HP P6000 Command 

The array-based version of HP P6000 Command View is factory installed on HP P6000 storage system models which have internal management modules. The array-based version manages only the storage system on which it is installed. In many cases, the array-based version eliminates the need for a separate management server in the SAN.

For the second one the Management is server windows 2k3 or 2k8 based that includes the Command View and other utilities like HP P6000 Command View software, HP P6000 Performance Advisor software, HP Management Integration Framework software , HP P6000 SmartStart , HP P6000 Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) software , HP P6000 Performance Data Collector software , HP EVA to 3PAR Online Import. Also It is called The Storage Management Server (SMS).


Server-based storage management (SBM). The server-based version of HP P6000 Command View is customer installed on a server in the SAN. The server-based version provides management of multiple HP P6000 storage systems. The server on which HP P6000 Command View is installed is called a storage management server.
P6500 EVA storage systems comes with dual HSV360 controllers with XCS 10.x firmware version.

Both versions provide the ability to:

  • Purpose for such things as configuring controller host ports, viewing message logs, uninitializing the array and powering down the array.
  • Initialize HP P6000 storage systems.
  • Create, modify, and monitor disk groups, virtual disks (LUNs), snapshots, snapclones, mirrorclones, and DR groups.
  • Configure and monitor physical components, such as controllersphysical disks, power supplies, blowers, and network connections.
  •  Create and maintain a list of hosts that are connected to storage systems Administration



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