Thursday, July 14, 2011

RHCE Online Text Book


Red Hat Certified Engineer

(DAY 1)

Section 1 - Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

-practice time the lab is open

-test is on a Tuesday in 4 weeks

First Stage is available in three supported versions:

boot.iso - used
diskboot.img - is a VFAT file system for use with USB pendrives

The Second Stage is Anaconda

-The Text MOde Installtion Interface can be selected by typing the command 'linux text' at the boot: prompt. This will load an ncurses-based interface. Should only be used if the system is not capable for displaying the GUI.

-The Graphical Installtion Interface is the default interface for Anaconda. This interface will start XOrg

Install Methods

NFS - usually the fastest method

After you have provided Anaconda with the installation method, the installer will detect your hardware, and you will then be prompted...

Virtual Consoles

CTRL + ALT + F1 - text installtion display
CTRL + ALT + F2 - bash shell prompt
CTRL + ALT + F3 - lists a log of installation messages
CTRL + ALT + F4 - lists kernel messages
CTRL + ALT + F5 - lists partition information
CTRL + ALT + F6 - graphical installtion display

note: can change over to the shell to start work early.

Installation Number

NOT a "serial number"
Selects a default set of packages and authorizes the server to offer certain extra "Feature Sets" (package groups) corresponding to things like enhanced virtualization support and the suite of cluster tools.
can be skipped


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