Thursday, March 4, 2010

RH131: Red Hat Linux System Administration final course Download Now Pdf

RH131: Red Hat Linux System Administration

pdf version final course Download Now Pdf

RH131: Red Hat Linux System Administration

For users of Linux (or UNIX) who want to start building skills in systems administration on Red Hat Linux, to a level where they can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network.


  • RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials or
  • equivalent experience with Red Hat Linux.

An operator who can perform system administration tasks to a level where he/she can install, configure, and attach a new Red Hat Linux workstation to an existing network.

Linux or UNIX users, who understand the basics of Red Hat Linux, that desire further technical training to begin the process of becoming a system administrator.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux interactively and with Kickstart
  • Control common system hardware;administer Linux printing subsystem
  • Perform user and group administration
  • Integrate a workstation as a client to NIS, DNS, and DHCP services
  • Automate tasks with AT, CRON, and ANACRON
  • Back up file systems to tape and tar archive
  • Manipulate software packages with RPM
  • Configure the X Windows System and GNOME desktop environment
  • Perform basic performance, memory, and process management
  • Configure basic host security


Download Now Pdf Version

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