Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exercise 01 Bash scripting Practical Examples

Exercise 01

Backup script for the sysconfig directory


create file using vi editor

[root@server ~]#vi

step 2

paste the following script

# This script creates a backup of /etc/sysconfig
# into a datestamped subdirectory of ~/backups/
cp -av /etc/sysconfig ~/backups/sysconfig-$(date '+%Y%m%d')
echo "Backup of /etc/sysconfig completed at: $(date)

step 3

copy this file from home directory to the /bin

step 4

create the backup directory on the root home directory

[root@server ~]#mkdir backups

step 5

make this file executable by writing the following command

[root@server ~]#chmod u+x ~/bin/

step 6

You are now ready to try out your script. You should see something like the following:

[root@server ~]#
`/etc/sysconfig' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102'
`/etc/sysconfig/pand' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/pand'
`/etc/sysconfig/ipmi' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/ipmi'
`/etc/sysconfig/rhn' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/rhn'
`/etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/rhn/up2date'
`/etc/sysconfig/rhn/clientCaps.d' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/rhn/clientCaps.d'
`/etc/sysconfig/rhn/rhnsd' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/rhn/rhnsd'
`/etc/sysconfig/kudzu' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/kudzu'
`/etc/sysconfig/dund' -> `/root/backups/sysconfig-20100102/dund'
step 7
Now check the backup directory
[root@server ~]# cd backups/
[root@server backups]# ls
[root@server backups]# cd sysconfig-20100102/
[root@server sysconfig-20100102]# ls
apmd crond ip6tables-config modules sendmail
apm-scripts desktop ipmi network smartmontools
auditd dund iptables networking spamassassin
authconfig firstboot iptables-config network-scripts squid
autofs grub irda ntpd syslog
bluetooth hidd irqbalance pand system-config-securitylevel
cbq httpd kdump prelink system-config-users
clock hwconf kernel readonly-root tux
conman i18n keyboard rhn vncservers
console init kudzu saslauthd wpa_supplicant
cpuspeed ip6tables mkinitrd selinux


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